It’s important to protect yourself and your home before starting home renovations. Problems with home renovations are among the top consumer complaints. If you need to hire a roofer, knowing the risks will help you avoid things like scams, poor workmanship and legal liability for an injured worker. Protect yourself as a consumer before work on the roof begins.

Make sure you choose a reputable roofing contractor!  Here are the things to consider when hiring a roofing contractor.


Research roofing contractors

With a little research, you can find a reliable roofing contractor. Start by asking friends and family, or colleagues for recommendations and considering local businesses only, so you can more easily check their references, background and kind of workmanship they offer to their customers.


Get a quote

Ask for a quote from at least two or three different contractors by a certain date. A quote is a written estimate that should include a clear and complete description of the work to be done and an itemized list of the cost for materials and labor. You should be given a detailed estimate of all of the job specifications including products being used and pricing for your roofing project.  Once you have agreed to go ahead with the project, a written and signed contract is very important. Compare the quotes you receive before making your decision.


Check references

You may have a roofer in mind for the job, but you should ask and contact at least three references. These are people who have personally hired and dealt with the contractor. A reputable company should have a long list of satisfied customers that would be more than willing to give a good reference. They should also be able to supply a list of homes they have done in the area. Ask the contractor for references from a current, recently completed and past project, so that any problems with the quality of the work may be caught.


Ask about the safety of workers

As a homeowner and consumer, you can and should ask the contractor about the business’s health and safety practices. You’ll want to make sure that each roofer that will be up on your roof is trained to work safely and will be wearing fall protection equipment. Do not hire a contractor who cannot confirm whether they have trained and equipped their workers properly.


Manufacturer warranty

Ask the contractor who is backing the warranty of the materials to be used. Manufacturers of roofing materials often are not associated with the contractor using them. Some materials require certified or specially trained roofers to install them for the warranty to apply. There are workmanship warranties which are provided by the contractor and typically run for some several years.This warranty covers the installation.   There will also be a material warranty which is offered by the manufacturer of the products and those warranties vary depending on the products being installed. Ask for a copy of any warranties that are part of the work being done.


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