Does Roof Coating Stop Leaks and How long Can They Last?

Does Roof Coating Stop Leaks and How long Can They Last?

Does your roof leak when it rains?  Are you trying to consider roof repair or roof replacement?  The roof serves as protection to occupants of the structure from the outside elements and shelters us against the changes of weather like heavy rains, strong winds, snow, and bright sunshine.  Our roof can be affected by leaks. There are factors that cause a roof leak.  


The first factor is the life expectancy of the roof because as time goes by, it also breaks down. Next is the cracked flashing due to exposure from rains and strong winds.  Rainwater can get inside if the valleys are not sealed properly.  Cracked vents, cracked chimney, broken shingles, and clogged gutters also contribute roof leaks.  Then, holes caused by the installation of antenna or satellite dish and falling tree branches.  It is also caused by extreme weather conditions like storms and snow.  Lastly, poor craftsmanship or faulty roof installation and poor maintenance lead to roof leaks.


Leaking roof is a serious problem if your roof is not repaired right away.  Having a roof leak gives discomfort to the persons inside the structure.   This would damage your home or businesses like ceiling and items within it, attics and paint in walls.  It will lead to deteriorating woods like laminated woods that both normal and laminated that commonly used as tables and cabinets.   The leaky roof creates mold formation that can lead to serious health problems especially those who have asthma.  The effects of roof leaks have negative effects on our property, belongings, and our lives as well.


The common solution in roof leaks is roof coating and roof replacement. It is thicker and gives better strength compared to paint.  A roof coating can prevent roof to fade, minor leaks and it extends the life of the roof.  This could serve as protection against Ultra Violet (UV) rays, water, and slow the aging process of the roof.  Aside from protection, applying roof coating is more economical because a roof without coating can lead to frequent repairs or worst is roof replacement.  A good application of roof coating and proper maintenance can extend the life of the roof up to 10-15 years more. Choosing the right contractor for the installation of the roofing system is the remedy to prevent and avoids leak that causes water damage and Lyster Exteriors is your only total roof solution company.  


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