Roof Snow Removal

Roof Snow Removal

Snow loading is the downward force applied on structures, such as roofs, caused by the weight of piled up snow. Among the essential parts of the house, the roof is the area most susceptible to maximum heat, humidity and most especially, the extreme weight of snow after a heavy snowfall.

The weight of snow can cause a serious roof damage if you wait all day long to shovel. As the snow melts, it becomes heavy as it can make you feel like you’re shoveling bricks! Can you just imagine having tons of bricks on your roof? Excess weight on your roof can cause leaks and even cause some sections of the roof to collapse.

A cubic foot of snow can weigh from 7 lbs. for snow that is new and dry to 30 pounds for old, compacted snow. Rain falling on built up snow will prove to add more weight. Drifting snow can put excessive loads on the locations where it loads up, for instance against equipment or penthouses, or at walls between roof levels.

To get rid of your snow roof, you have two options: you could possibly eliminate the snow by yourself or hire a roof snow removal service. The minimal expense of getting a roofing company to take care of your roof snow removal significantly exceeds the drawbacks of having a collapsed, dripping roof . In either case, it’s vital that you deal with the matter immediately before the pressure of the weight leads to structural damage.

You can also attempt to tackle the removal task on your own. There are special roof snow rakes available on the market made just for this job.

The best thing about getting a residential roofing contractor to repair your roof through the cold months of winter is that they can improve a poor roof and stop it from deteriorating and so will ensure that you can keep on taking pleasure in the warmth of your home no matter how cold it is outside.

If you’re already decided to hire a roofing contractor, it is best that you never underestimate the value of finding a certified, accredited and trustworthy roofing contractor that can offer you that assurance and peace of mind. For more information regarding roof snow removal services, contact Lyster Exteriors 1-855-LYSTERS for all your exterior home improvement needs!


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